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SKYCLIST, a venture born from the breath and desire of a cyclist whose passion pedals through the roads and mountains beneath the vast horizon, fueling the drive with his own vigor, he hunts down the heaven of experiences.
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SKYCLIST is founded with the intention of providing world class cycling experience for the cyclists in India. Learning and adapting the knowledge and experience of cyclists around the world, we like to bridge the gap between health and economy of the nation.

Hailing from India, SKYCLIST is committed to reduce the carbon foot print by advocating the regular use of cycles and thus doing our part in creating a healthier country both physically and economically. According to a survey by Bicycle guider, 30 % of US population uses cycles, 31 % of Chinese population uses cycles whereas only 2 % of Indian population use cycles. Japan, Germany and Brazil have more cycles than we have in India.

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benifits of cycling

Cycling boosts metabolism, lowers the risk of heart disease, strengthens immune system, reduce high blood pressure, risk of diabetes, tones and build muscles of calves, thighs and buttocks and last but not the least, helps to manage depression, anxiety and burn calories but not the fuel.

Thirty minutes of cycling at 12 mph can burn up to 298 calories. However choosing the wrong bike size can have adverse effect on your health. It can even cause back pain, knee pain and also affect ones performance. This makes it important to get your bike from the best shop with the right expertise and hence SKYCLIST will be the best choice.

Our representatives shall help you chose the best bikes technically and economically that fits you perfectly.









SKYCLIST honors its customers with the SKYCLIST badge which enables them to enroll in the SKYCLIST CLUB

SKYCLIST club will be organizing different kinds of events and recreational activities for the budding cyclists.

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Skyclist LLP , Near Emmay Fuel station , Nattika , Pin 680566



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